Game Results

Premier: Velox 16 - Capilano 20

I haven't received a game write-up from any of my usual reporters-on-the-field, but there is a decent write up written by a Capilano guy on BCRugbyNews:

The match was as close as the score suggests, with Velox holding the lead and the ball possession for much of the game. Capilano scored a converted try in the dying minutes of the game to pull into the lead, but the victory could have gone to either squad.

Man of the match went to Murray Smith, playing at inside center instead of his usual 8th man/lock. The other surprise position change was at scrum half: in order to cover Winston's absence (knee injury), Konrad moved from #9 to #10 and Mark Lawson took a shot at #9. Easily the hardest hitting scrum half in the province!

First Division: Velox 5 - Capilano 20

- written by Meic the Welshman

Young and old travelled for their 1st encounter to the mainland of the season vs Capilanos. A huge task for the Beavers to hugely improve on their last 2 weeks. Playing for 80 minutes as a 15 needed to be done. This by the end of the match was a huge accomplishment for the beavers as we held our heads high and  Capilanos knew they had just had an extremely tough match.

Final score was 20-5 with Flyer Stu touching down in the corner.

Big plays were the call of the day without any heads dropping. The Welshman as always torpedo-ing his hits with great cheers from the crowd, OT had to cover an almighty chunk of the field at 15 and impressively won man of the match and he still had his head on his shoulders.

Forwards finally started to run from deep setting up play after play wearing down the opposition and also themselves. Colin was the driving force with his bullocking runs from deep followed by prop Dave and big Allan Hall.

It seemed that the team enjoyed this game even though we lost, a miss tackle and some wayward decisions from the referee and the game would have been 10/12 - 5. Defence was a huge key to this game with the forwards playing as a complete pack shut out time after time the home team drives. Their tries came from quick moves in their back out wide and some fancy moves catching us slightly on our heels.

This Saturday is the game where we took all of last weekends efforts and continue to improve on them, forwards hitting the holes and the backs gaining some 30-50 yards. Dale had some storming runs sideways and I did see him run straight for Flyers try - well done Dale. So I hope the vocal crowd that followed us to the North Shore continue to impress and out support their counterparts for this weekend. Thanks to all for travelling with us.

Women: Velox 62 - Pocomo 0

- written by Nicole MacInnes

The women continued our domination of the WCWRA 2nd division on Sunday with a huge blow out over Pocomo. This further entrenches our first place standing and our drive to move up to 1st division next season. Our first goal for the game was to score in the first five minutes: we took care of that two times over.

The women are three games closer to our goal of a shut-out for this half of the season. Pocomo was overheard suggesting that we had stacked our team for this game - one must wonder who we stacked it with, junior high students?

Claire Wilson, stuck at hooker because of a dodgy ref, was awarded the orange forward of the match tutu, and Jess, who scored a mere 30 points, was given the purple back of the match tutu. Both of which owe us a boat race due to the lack of beer.

The women are scheduled to play the Surrey Beavers at home on Sunday.

U16 boys: Velox 26 - CW Blue 20

- written by Mark Pratt

Sunday February 13th proved to be another tremendous day for Vancouver Island, BCRU, U16 Boys Rugby as the Velox Valhallians met the Castaway Wanderers at Windsor Park.

These teams have met twice in pre-season exhibition games with each club taking one game apiece. Sunday?s game was highly anticipated to provide great sport by both sides and fans were not disappointed. Velox opened the scoring with a pair of tries within five minutes of the kick-off. The first a brilliant run by Velox centre Kieran Dunford, the second a sprint down the line by Velox L Wing, Riley Moss. Both tries converted by Velox Fly Half, Chris Pratt.

CW rallied with three tries by Andrew Crow, Douglas Spencer and Matt Bosworth before Velox?s R Wing, James Dalton put the Valhallians briefly back into the lead.

Opening the scoring in the second half was Alex Reid of CW as he wove a great run through several opponents to put CW into a 20 ? 19 lead. CW dug in, determined to hold onto their lead for the remainder of the match.

With two minutes left in the game Chris Pratt broke free at his own 20 m line to recover the lead for Velox. His conversion put the final at 26 - 20, Velox.

Players on both sides have apparently been reading Don Burgess?s recent articles on the art the kicking game. Several boys were fresh from Don?s kicking clinic held Sunday morning at SMUS. Well placed kicks were certainly a major feature of the game.

3rd Division: Velox 7 - Powell River 49

- written by Paul Eby

The trip started off badly with only eight players making the early morning commitment to some Sunday social rugby. One has to ask: where were all those guys that were so excited to play third division when the idea came up in the fall? Put off by the idea of a long road trip to Powell River after a night out on Saturday? Suck it up.

Those that did make the trip were rewarded with an entertaining game with 14/side - Powell River had plenty of guys out, and gave us six of their own. However, with barely a majority of the players actually coming from Velox, the squad lacked cohesion. Tackling was also an issue, with PR's big English prop regularly barging through on long runs.

A bright spot for the day was young Double Dragon, Sohei (the 17 year old exchange student from Tokyo). His training with the A's and B's has paid off, making the rest of us look slow and out of shape (yeah, that's what it was). His tackling, runs with the ball, and pace around the field earned him man of the match.

Velox's lone try came via some hard work from the forwards in the dying minutes of the game to win some clean ruck ball: spun through to the backs, yours truly in the inside center position went on a little romp to score from mid-field. The conversion was made by one of our borrowed players.

Coming Up

This weekend, the A's and B's are at home Saturday (1pm and 2:45 kickoffs) against the Meralomas.

The women play Sunday, at home against Surrey (11:30am), as well as the thirds: a 1pm kickoff against Cowichan. Those playing 3rds should be at the club by noon.

Also on Sunday, the U16 boys travel to Cowichan to see if they can extend their winning streak.

Road Trip!

Come out and support your Premier and 1st Div Teams in Vancouver on February 26 & March 19. $50 round trip in our own Wilson's bus from Velox to Vancouver (includes Ferry costs) and back to Velox where bar will be opened upon return. Limited seats available. 

Please let Christel Hume know if you are confirmed for the February 26 trip no later than Saturday, February 19. (please note this does not include your gate fee in Vancouver which is probably $5.00)



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