Game Results

Elite Division: Velox 31 - CW 31

I'll have a game write ups for the men hopefully later in the week. There is one written by CW on

First Division: Velox 0 - CW 11

Women: Velox 17 - Douglas/Pocomo 33

It was a frustrating day for the Valkyries, starting with the last minute loss of #10 Charlotte. Wookie stepped up to try out the stand off position, and lock Dawn MacDonald gave center a shot (with some very effective results).

The strain was felt on the bench: originally with only two able bodied spares, we found ourselves down to one. Still, this was better than the previous week when only 15 travelled to Capilano.

Despite the lineup changes, Velox opened the scoring with a crashing run from Mars (converted). The lead swung back and forth several times, with follow up tries from Sarah and Wookie. With 15 minutes left, Velox was down 17-19, and pressuring inside the opposition 22. An errant pass and interception led to 7 points for the opposition, and the game slipped away. A second interception/opposition try sealed the result, but it was a close game throughout.

The ladies are looking forward to the rematch in the Spring.

Coming Up

This coming weekend, Thanksgiving, all teams have byes. That makes it a perfect time for ROOKIE NIGHT! It will be this Thursday evening starting at around 8:30. (Ladies: practice will be from 7 to 8:30 so we will be done in time). I believe all rookies are being asked to bring fluorescent clothing.

Also that night, Ramona and her mother are shaving their heads to raise money for cancer. Haircutting at 7:30 at the club....

3rd Division Exhibition

With  3rd division starting in January, and all the extra B's looking for game time, we have arranged an exhibition match against Port Alberni for this Saturday: 1pm kickoff up in Port. Everyone looking to come should confirm with Darryl (

Executive Positions

The Exec are looking for a couple of positions to be filled. Lori is wanting to stand down permanently as Bar Manager and Murray (Director of Clubhouse) is heading back to NZ on November 1st. Hence, we are interested in having people put their names forward for the positions of Director of the Clubhouse and Bar Manager. The Bar Manager's position is the only paid position in the club, and this is paid as a percentage of the bar take per month. This will be discussed with the potential applicant(s) when all the names are forward.

Jobs Needed?

Velox is often able to help out guys looking for jobs. If you need some assistance looking, drop me an e-mail with some details and I'll send it out to the club membership using this forum. I can also help out employers looking for labour!

Help Needed

The club is looking for a cloths drier: do you have one you'd like to donate? Chat with Meic the Welshman (

Win Win Lottery

Don't forget to get your tickets for the BCRU Win Win Lottery. You could win a car!